Follow Me in 2014!


As we move into 2014 and I continue blogging whenever possible, and roughly following the guidelines in the WordPress Zero to Hero Challenge, I thought I’d remind all my lovely readers of some of the ways you can connect with me without having to visit the site every day.

First, you can check out the most-visited page on my site: Feminine Hygiene Around the World.  This page gets hundreds of hits every month from female travelers trying to figure out what pads or tampons they need to pack for their trip.  I have added information for every country I know, and I’ve had lots of great feedback from readers too, but there is still lots of uncharted menstrual territory out there!  If you know what feminine hygiene products are available in a country that isn’t on the list, or if you have an update, please use the form on that page to send me the info so that no pair of white denim shorts ends up in a Peruvian trash bin!

Second, you can read my posts through your favorite social media sites.  I’m on Twitter here and Facebook here.  I don’t post a bunch of junk- just updates when new content is posted on the site and the occasional comment when a major beauty or travel site gets something wrong!

When I see something super-cool (beauty and travel stuff only) I often remember to post it on Pinterest, and I also create the occasional beauty or travel-fashion related set on Polyvore.

Don’t leave me all alone like the girl in that statue… follow me in 2014!


2 responses to “Follow Me in 2014!

  1. I was absolutely dying for a stylish travel blog. Just skimming through and I already know I Need this blog on my 2014 list!

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