WPC: Windows of Taxco Mexico

window in taxco

I snapped this photo of a flower-filled window in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.  Taxco is a city built along the sides of Atatzin Mountain, which means streets are steep and it’s hard to take a photo of anything without a pretty serious slant to your shot.  I think I was bent sideways at a forty-five degree angle when I took this shot!

This one’s for the Weekly Photo Challenge on windows and I’m still doing Zero to Hero!


8 responses to “WPC: Windows of Taxco Mexico

  1. Nice shot!….my WPC too is windows and flowers AND I too have connected my WPC and ZTH (less than 200 wordcount post!)…I thought I was the only one sneakily palming off a single post to two challenges…. 😀 great minds think alike!

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  5. You got it right, well done!

  6. Whatever angle you took it from, the result is lovely!

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