Mealtime Monday: More Mexico!

buffet for vegetarian in mexico

On the weekend I took you to Taxco, Mexico, where there are windows with flowers in them.

Today, we’re staying in Mexico for a buffet lunch at Los Vegetarianos in the heart of Mexico City.  This little restaurant is located up a narrow stairway on the second floor of a building with great views of the busy pedestrian street below.  Try to grab one of the window seats if you can.  I like this restaurant because they create a display of all of their daily specials.  This helps you choose which starter, main course and dessert you’ll turn into your prix-fixe lunch.

salad for for vegetarian in mexico

I started with a fruit salad topped with puffed amaranth.

tacos for for vegetarian in mexico

Then I had my main course: tacos stuffed seasoned TVP and some chayote on the side.  It would seem I was too stuffed to photograph my dessert.


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