Review: MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Mask


I have only tried one Korean face mask before.  I’m home sick from work today and decided to treat myself to another  in hopes of boosting my spirits.  I went through my box of samples looking for one that would help with a dry, flaky patch of skin that appeared on my cheek this morning, and after a few minutes I found MaskerAide‘s “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” mask.  This mask promises to deliver “Ylang-Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin to help diminish fine lines and bring out your youthful glow”.  Perfect.

Within minutes of spreading the saturated sheet on my face my skin I was feeling cool and refreshed.  I let it sit for fifteen minutes, the whole time feeling impressed by how wet the mask managed to stay without dripping all over the place.  The instructions allow either removing the mask and dabbing skin dry, or rinsing remaining liquid off gently.  Because there was a lot of product on my skin after peeling off the mask I went with a gentle, lukewarm rinse and pat dry.  It’s about an hour later and I’m happy to report that my skin feels refreshed and the dry patch is noticeably less flaky!

Masks like these are perfect to pack in your travel case as they’re single-use and run virtually no risk of breaking or leaking in your bag.  MaskerAide makes masks that address a lot of common travel beauty concerns.  If you’re anxious about an upcoming flight try the Beauty Rest’ore mask the night before; it helps perfect skin and relax your mind!  If you’ve exposed your skin to harsh weather conditions, whether it’s a Swiss ski slope or a Bermudan beach, try the Weather Warrior mask.  And of course, if you’ve indulged in a few too many slices of cake and radlers you can rely on the Detox Diva mask!


One response to “Review: MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Mask

  1. It seems there are a mask for everything:))
    upcoming flight try = solution Beauty Rest’ore mask the night before
    harsh weather conditions = solution the Weather Warrior mask
    too many slices of cake and radlers = the Detox Diva mask and some gym I may add 🙂

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