Now This is a Beauty Surprise! My Secret Santa Gift From Brazil

O Boticario

Earlier this month I mentioned that I was disappointed with the $10 “Beauty Surprise” that I received from Topbox.  Well, today I received an amazing, real beauty surprise in the mail!  I participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa exchange this holiday season.  Basically, you send a gift to one random stranger (you can specify if you’d like to ship domestically or internationally) and receive a gift from a different random stranger!  You can share your interests (um, travel and beauty?) or not, you can contact the person you’re mailing to (or not), and in the end everyone gets an extra holiday treat.

In a strange coincidence I mailed a package to Brazil , and also received a gift from the same country!  My Brazilian “Santa” introduced me to a cool line of Brazilian beauty products called o Boticario, which actually has more than 3,000 stores in numerous countries, which makes it the largest beauty franchise in the world.  How have I not heard of this?  The first product I received was a moisturizing lotion scented with raspberry and blueberry.  Next, there was a large bottle of cashew and passionfruit body lotion (definitely feeling the Brazilian vibe!).  Finally, there is a cool bottle of multi-purpose lychee body oil, which adds both perfume and hydration to your skin.

I am so excited to try out these products.  I would never have had the opportunity to try them if it weren’t for my great Santa and for RedditGift’s Secret Santa program.  They offer exchanges throughout the year (usually they are themed, but twice a year they’re wide open to everyone) and I would highly encourage you to sign up.  While it’s true that “it’s the thought that counts” and “it is better to give than to receive”, I have to confess that receiving such a cool gift was- for me- way more fun than sending one!


3 responses to “Now This is a Beauty Surprise! My Secret Santa Gift From Brazil

  1. O Boticário has amazing products, you should try their hand creams from their Nativa Spa line. 😉

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