Mealtime Monday: My First Falafel


My first falafel experience came within days of deciding to be a vegetarian.  Out with a bunch of other foreigners in the Barri Gotic neighbourhood of Barcelona, we stumbled across a Maoz.  I had no idea what falafel was but I didn’t want to be the odd one out, so I accepted the offer of having a few little brown balls scooped into my pita (that sounds sexual, doesn’t it?) and topped it with as a little of each condiment as I could get away with, as I had absolutely no idea what I was about to eat!

Now I consider myself something of a falafel connoisseusse and regularly seek out this delicious, vegetarian chickpea treat when I’m on the road.  I even make it myself, from scratch, regularly.  With some fresh vegetables and a generous dollop of tahini sauce it’s a cheap, protein-packed, tasty lunch on the go.

This week’s Mealtime Monday photo was shared last year in my post about Budapest.  A local chain called Hummus Bar has seven locations across the city, offering not only falafel but also other Middle Eastern fare like hummus, shakshuka and bean soup.  If you’re a vegetarian in Hungary you have got to give them a visit!  How do you say “delicious” in Hungarian?


2 responses to “Mealtime Monday: My First Falafel

  1. Love a good felafel!

  2. Looks delicious, I love tahini sauce. Steph x

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