A Brief Reflection on Lipstick

lipstick collection

I think there is something about approaching thirty that makes a girl reflect on, and feel slightly ashamed by, her lip gloss collection.  It seems a bit juvenile, reminiscent of swapping Lip Smackers in the sixth grade and dressing up like a Spice Girl in high school.  It reminds me of being unsure of myself, and actually thinking that boys (not even men yet!) would notice me more if I had “pouty”, glossy lips.  I know that as I’m approaching my thirtieth birthday I’ve stopped buying lip gloss.  Should I feel some bizarre need to have shiny lips I already own dozens of tubes and I can count on my beauty box subscriptions to send  me more.

While I’ve put my lip gloss shopping on pause I haven’t completely given up on lip color.  Instead, I’ve been refreshing my lipstick collection.  (Aside: Why is lip gloss two words but lipstick one?)  For about a decade there I didn’t really buy lipstick.  I had a few tubes of Clinique lipsticks that my mom had received in bonus gifts (hands up if you have four tubes of A Different Grape stashed in a makeup bag under your bathroom sink!), and I think I still had a few tubes of Elizabeth Arden lipstick that I received in one of their amazing holiday-season bonus sets back when I was in high school, but I don’t really remember buying any actual lipstick in the ten years after high school.

missha lipstickI have a few lipstick loves.  I’m still influenced by the high fashion of my teen years, and thus I occasionally love a slightly-smoky eye with a pale nude lip a la Trish Goff.  It’s hard to find good nude shades to go with my coloring, as my skin can be pinkish at times, but I’ve found great shades from Rimmel and, more recently, Missha (shown- this formula is amazingly moisturizing and offers SPF).  I also love shades that waver somewhere between nude and purple, which seem to work well with my cool coloring.  And finally, I love shocking accent colors, like electric pink and bright red, worn with very little other makeup.

What about you?  Are you ditching the gloss in favor of more traditional lipstick?  Or will you be glossy forever?


3 responses to “A Brief Reflection on Lipstick

  1. I did a trawl through a mass of cosmetics that had found their way into all sorts of places in our apartment. Biggest surprise was the massive number of lipsticks I didn’t even know I had – side by side they are like one of those very subtle colour charts… So many shades of pink/pinkish! No need to buy any more for some time now!

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