1980s Perfume Challenge

vintage perfume bottles from the 1980s

A while ago I bought a set of classic drugstore scents from the 1980s.  Since then I’ve acquired some more fragrances and I’ve got some more on the way (now that FragranceNet is shipping to Canada again).  I realized there is no point in keeping eight dollars worth of cheap perfumes around if I don’t even like the scents, so from Monday to Friday of this week I am going to see what is inside each of these vintage perfume bottles.  If I like the scent I’ll keep it, but if I don’t like it I’m going to toss it in the trash without guilt.

Here’s my perfume schedule, which is 99% random and 1% the order I happened to place them in for the above photo.

Monday will be Toujours Moi, which apparently has been on the market since 1921.  That’s ninety-three years, for those of you who suck at math.  I found a review on Fragrantica that reads, “This is One of My Signature Sents, However it has 3 personalitys, At First When You Spay It On, It Stinks, Smells like the Colones You get at the Dollar Store Pe-U But Don’t Let tht Scare You Off, It’s like someone who makes a terrible first Impression but soon becomes your best friend, Wait 3 to 7 Minutes for it to mesh with your chemistry then it smells Like a Hgh End, Very Classy Very French Perfume”.  If I never again use a capital letter correctly you’ll be able to blame Toujours Moi.

Tuesday will be Chantilly.  Chantilly is supposed to be a warm and spicy citrus scent.  I tend to dislike both citrus scents and Tuesdays, so I feel sorry for those who cross my path while I’m wearing this one.

Wednesday is for Navy.  I remember Navy ads very distinctly from my childhood.  This is an amber scent that appears popular with fans of both cheap drugstore perfumes and some of my favorites, like Shalimar and Samsara.  This should be a much-needed treat after Tuesday.

Thursday takes us into dangerous territory with Tabu.  It looks like it’s been bottled in a guitar-shaped whiskey bottle.  I’m also slightly concerned that it scored 163 “civet points” on Fragrantica. I’m all for anal gland scents, but usually in moderation.  Am I going to smell like am actual rodent’s ass?  Only time will tell.

Finally, my little experiment will wrap up on Friday with Heaven Sent.  This seems like it might be the most promising (unless it turns out I do have a particular affinity for civet secretions), with the musky notes balanced with jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

I’m hoping to deliver a brief, daily progress report.  Wish me, my olfactory bulbs and the people around me luck!


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