1980s Perfume Challenge: Tuesday

chantilly perfumeI’d been worried that today wouldn’t be a very good day.  I’m not a huge fan of Tuesdays in general, the weather wasn’t great, work was insane and I couldn’t even match my perfume to my mood this morning since I’d already committed to wearing Chantilly.   Yes, the dreaded Chantilly, opening with lemon and other citrus fruits before settling down to its warm and spicy base.   Hear that?  That is the sound of me harrumphing.

If the past two days allow me to generalize at all about 1980s drugstore perfumes it would be to say that these seem to be the inspiration for most household cleansers (hopefully it’s not vice-versa!).  When I sprayed my Chantilly this morning its lemony notes reminded me of Mr. Clean, and I realized that I’d felt the same way yesterday with the topnotes of Toujours Moi.  Similarly, both of these scents clung to my clothes in a way that higher-end perfumes don’t seem to.  Although I spritzed lightly onto bare skin at least thirty minutes before getting dressed, the smell of cheap perfume has permeated my favorite winter coat.

While I actually found Chantilly more enjoyable than Toujours Moi I think I’m going to trash it as well, since I don’t want my clothing saturated in the scent of musky household cleansers.

I’ve got three more days of this torture.  Hopefully by then my parcel from FragranceNet will be here and I’ll be able to douse my sorrows in more contemporary scents (though I did buy a bottle of La Habanita, which is anything but contemporary…).

PS – If you’ve been wondering where the “backpack” in Lipgloss and Backpack is, I’ve got big news!  Stay tuned this weekend for a travel-related post after I wrap up this perfume challenge.

PPS – I’m only at thirty-five followers on Facebook.  When I reach fifty I’ll be giving away samples of Korean beauty products, so like me (just over there to your right!) if you want a chance to win!


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