1980s Perfume Challenge: Thursday

tabu perfumeI always thought eau de cologne was supposed to be the softer, more gentle cousin of the more-concentrated eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume.  Why, then, is it 6:00 pm and I still smell like civet anal glands?

Oh, it was a long day of wearing Tabu.  I applied a little dab of this sucker on my wrist and another behind my knees, definitely not heavy-handed.  Right away I realized that I smelled like Melanie Griffith/Tess McGill in “Working Girl” when she was still pretending to be her wealthy boss.  Tabu is what someone faking class would smell like.  It’s dirt cheap and it can be smelled long after you leave the elevator; perfect for someone with grandiose dreams and a small wallet.

I am dying for tomorrow to be over so that I can toss this entire set of 1980s drugstore perfumes and get back to the scents I love.  As I have a social event in the evening I already know I’m going to have run home quickly and scrub off the Heaven Sent, lest I be mistaken for a time traveler from the 1980s at the bar!


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