1980s Perfume Challenge: Friday

No photo today as I am literally writing this from my phone on the subway. My final perfume of the week was Heaven Sent, which turned out to be twenty minutes of delicious powder followed by hours of nothingness. I would have had to keep spritzing all day to have the scent with me. After yesterday’s Tabu fiasco that’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. I might actually keep my little bottle of Heaven Sent as there is absolutely nothing offensive about it at all.

In better fragrance news I ordered the twenty-dollar postcard sample set of every scent in the Atelier Cologne catalogue. I’m a longtime fan of their Orange Sanguine and wanted to try their other scents too. To my surprise the order reached me all the way in Canada within a week! After washing off any residual 1980s perfume that might have still been clinging to my skin I decided to give one of Atelier Cologne’s newest scents- Silver Iris- a try tonight. It’s sweet-but-dirty floriental, opening heavy on the sugar but sinking into a hybrid of orris and patchouli. It is actually intended to be a unisex scent but the top notes (of the kind that make men say, “You smell like cookies!”) plant this firmly in feminine territory if you ask me. I was in such a rush today that I didn’t have enough time to really check out the collection, but I’m looking forward to trying them all and it was certainly well worth the twenty dollars!


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