Travel News! (Thanks, Google Flights!)

I am so bored.  In addition to working full-time, I am also a full-time graduate student.  And the end is not in sight… I have exactly sixteen more months of this before I will experience actual freedom again.  Last weekend I was overwhelmed by the massive burden of just having to work all the time, and I did something rash:

I went to, entered my home city, typed South America as my destination and booked the (second) cheapest flight I could find.  Literally no planning.  No forethought.  Just me, Google, my credit card and one hour of frenzied online trip planning.


Have you seen Google Flights?  If you’re open to traveling anywhere it is your best source for cheap flights.  If your dates are flexible you can also click on the travel dates to see if traveling on a different day would lower the price even further.

As you can see, the cheapest available flights were to Bogota and Sao Paolo.  Actually, on my own travel days Sao Paolo wasn’t that cheap.  The next most affordable option was Lima, Peru.  I spent a few minutes with two Expedia windows open- one for a Colombia trip, the other for a Peru trip- and finally clicked “submit” for a trip to Lima, Peru!

I’m really looking forward to this trip.  I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Mexico and also visited Honduras, but I haven’t been to South America before.  Unfortunately my grad school schedule is tight.  There are literally no breaks for the duration of the two-year program, but I’m hoping that by finishing some classwork early and saving other work for the very last minute I will be able to spend the majority of  my three-week trip actually enjoying myself (rather than writing papers!).  I would love to go for longer but it just doesn’t seem feasible at the moment.  That’s one reason I didn’t choose a destination from my travel bucket list– I feel like those destinations all deserve more than the three weeks I can squeeze in this summer.  (Of course Peru deserves more time as well, but I don’t have this deep, Peru-shaped hole in my soul in the way I long for Russia…)

I’ll be posting more about planning a trip to Peru in the upcoming months (for example, to vaccinate against yellow fever or not to vaccinate against yellow fever?) and doing my best to keep you posted once I’m abroad (I know I did a terrible job of blogging my last major trip- I’m sorry!).

If you’ve visited Peru and would like to share any hot hints, please post them in the comments!  I will be eternally grateful!


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