Mealtime Monday: Tamales Party


If you like tortillas, you’ll love tamales.  Here, the very same masa that is used to make corn tortillas is turned into a thick log and stuffed with any number of fillings before being steamed inside a corn husk or plantain leaf.  While it’s common to find tamale vendors along beaches and on street corners, heading to a dedicated tamale restaurant means you’ll have the best luck finding a vegetarian option.  Here, at Flor de Lis in the Condesa neighbourhood of Mexico City, vegetarians can choose from options including cheese (with or without chipotle chile), refried beans and zucchini.  Enjoy your tamales with some spicy salsa, a huge glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice and a nice, fresh roll… but be careful of the sweet treats they’ll place on your table as you’ll have to pay for them should you choose to indulge!

Flor de Lis is easy to find as it’s very close to the north end of Parque Mexico in Condesa.  The streets that circle around and radiate out from the park are full of stunning houses, making the area worth a visit whether you like tamales or not!


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