WPC: Street Life in Guadalajara Mexico

Mexican Food at the Tonala Market

When I lived in Italy there was a small parking lot across from my apartment, and several mornings each week it, and the stretch of road it was located on, would be turned into a street market with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese and even clothing.  When I lived in Mexico one of the streets near my house would be closed off one morning each week, turning it into a similar market but with more prepared Mexican food stands where locals could grab a meal while they shopped.  That wouldn’t fly in my Canadian home city, as roads are seen as absolute necessities thanks to our car-centric lifestyle, and many people have a “not in my backyard” attitude about holding events in public spaces.  This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is all about street life, and while my own street here in Canada might be nothing more than a means to a vehicular end, I am happy to have lived in places where the streets actually do come alive.


2 responses to “WPC: Street Life in Guadalajara Mexico

  1. Not so good to see right before lunch…or maybe it just whets my appetite.


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