Mealtime Monday: Manti

Turkish Food - Manti

Sometimes being the only vegetarian in the crowd means you end up eating something that was never intended to be a meal on its own.  For example, a restaurant in Skopje once offered me “a plate of mushrooms”.  I responded by asking  if they could instead prepare something with a little bit of variety, not just one “vegetable”, and they agreed.  Out came a plate of mushrooms.  (Okay, they were amazing mushrooms, but still, there’s only so much fungus one girl can eat.)

In Kas, Turkey, my dining companion recommended that I order the manti, which she described as Turkish dumplings.  She was Turkish herself and didn’t mention anything about the possibility of the manti being a dish intended for sharing.  The little pillows of dough came in a meat version or a cheese version, so I had the cheese version.  I had a lot of the cheese version, as you can see.  A lot of cheesy dumplings, covered in creamy sauce, with a healthy drizzle of oil just in case.  Delicious, certainly.  But also artery-clogging.  I made it through about half the dish before throwing down my spoon in surrender.


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