Travel Ethically, Beautifully

Natural Beauty Products for Your Next Trip

Have you heard the uproar about the environmental impact of those little exfoliating beads that are so common in body wash today?  It’s bad enough that in our quest for perfectly-exfoliated skin we are destroying our own lakes and rivers, but to think that travelers might be sullying the Amazon River, the Plitvice Lakes or the Great Barrier Reef?  Inexcusable, especially when there are so many effective natural products on the market today.  When you’re traveling to a delicate natural ecosystem or a developing region without the most modern water treatment stations you owe it to the world to pack your beauty bag properly.  Here are some organic skin care and organic body care products that I recommend:

Jason Sea Kelp Shampoo and ConditionerThis duo contains no lauryl or laureth sulphates, parabens or phthalates.  The shampoo is designed to gently refresh your hair with one lather, or deeply cleanse (removing residue) with two.  The conditioner hydrates and fights frizz but doesn’t ever weigh down your locks.

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash.  This is rich and creamy and smells like heaven.  It’s also sulphate-free, as well as being free of artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils (it will hydrate your skin courtesy vegetable-derived oils instead).  This is another product I use regularly (I alternate between the Wild Rose scent, which is very feminine, and the Pomegranate scent, which is more gender-neutral).

Alba Lavender Enzyme Deodorant.  I use this pretty much every weekend as a break from my workweek aluminum-fest.  This is not an anti-antiperspirant and won’t keep you dry, but this natural deodorant will leave you smelling as fresh as a daisy (as fresh as lavender?) all day.  It contains no preservatives, propylene glycol, parabens or aluminum.

Josie Maran Argan Oil.  This is a great, all-natural skin care product that you can use to hydrate dry skin anywhere on your face or body, or even apply to your hair to prevent split ends.  There’s no need to pack separate lotions and creams when you’ve got this in your bag.

bareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15.  No parabens, no sulphates, no GMO, no petrochemicals.  Just five easy ingredients working together to even out your skin tone while protecting from the sun’s damaging rays.  I’d recommend grabbing one of the company’s kabuki brushes to buff this foundation to perfection.

Korres Lip Butter.  Paraben-free and full of healthy ingredients like shea butter, safflower seed oil and rice bran wax.  In six shades, including one that is completely colorless.

Is there another all-natural product that you like to toss into your backpack?  Share in the comments!


3 responses to “Travel Ethically, Beautifully

  1. Ready Bareminerals original foundation would be the one that I will pack instead of its pots. Its more hydrating (tried and tested) and less messy if anyone wants to move around. Great coverage too depending on the type of brush used. 🙂 For moisturizer after facial wash, I will prefer to use the hydrating lotions such as Senka Hoshitsu Lotion (Moisturizing) so that I can keep my skin care regime simple. its one step and I use them on elbows and joints to keep them hydrated. That product is paraben free!

    • lipglossandabackpack

      Thanks! I haven’t heard of Senka Hoshitsu Lotion (I’m not sure if it is sold in my area) but I’ll look around online.

      • Senka is a shiseido pharmacy product range. They have cleanser such as Perfect Whip Foam or Perfect Gel. I just did a quick review on their Watery Oil. 🙂 Try Qoo10 website to find asian products not available in your country.

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