Unboxing: Ipsy April 2014

Ipsy April 2014

My April 2014 Ipsy box arrived today!  I’m super-excited because once again it shipped all the way to Canada in a timely manner.  Ipsy isn’t a Canadian beauty box, but it does arrive at my door before it reaches some of its American customers.  Thank you, Ipsy!

Because I’m impatient I checked out the Ipsy website a few days ago and looked in the Glam Room section to see what would be coming in my box.  Thus, I knew that I would be receiving a Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion-inspired exfoliant, a Coastal Scents eyeshadow brush, Urban Decay eyeliner, Starlooks lipliner and Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow.

Ipsy April 2014

Here’s a look at the exfoliant, the shadow and the brush.  I am obsessed with exfoliating, to the point where I turn my gym steam room into a hammam, so I was hoping to receive the Dr. Brandt product.  This is a finely-grained treatment that will gently remove dead skin cells to reveal your freshest new skin beneath.  This sample is worth $9.75, compared to the full size that sells for $120!  Wow!  I’m not familiar with Elizabeth Mott products at all, but it would seem this full-size Champagne eyeshadow retails for $13.  I have to laugh at the Elizabeth Mott website, which still advertises that their products are sold on glymm.com (an infamous, now-defunct Canadian beauty box that ripped off thousands of customers).  Should I feel inclined I can apply this shadow with the Coastal Scents shadow brush that I also received; its value is about $2.50.

Ipsy April 2014

And here are the two pencils I received.  The Urban Decay liner is supposed to be a new formulation that seriously stays put.  I always have trouble lining my lower lashes when I’m doing a smoky eye, so I’m hoping this will help!  It’s a travel-sized liner worth $15.  I know it’s not cool but I actually love lip liner, and this Starlooks pencil looks like a great neutral that I’ll be able to wear with any number of nude lipsticks and glosses.  The liner sells for $12.

I paid $15 US for Ipsy, including shipping to Canada, and this month I received five products- that I will actually use and enjoy using- valued at about $52.  As with past months I feel like Ipsy consistently takes my feedback into account and actually endeavours to match my bag to my preferences.  That’s why I’m going to maintain my subscription, and I’d encourage you to sign up too!


One response to “Unboxing: Ipsy April 2014

  1. I have uses 24/7 Urban Decay eye liner. Best that I have used so far compared to the Japanese brands I have tried. These days gel liners are more popular in asia coz they last and glides. I haven’t got hold of them to try but urban decay is on my must have for now. 🙂

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