Unboxing: Topbox April 2014

April 2014 Topbox

I received the April 2014 Topbox yesterday!  That was pretty fast shipping- they promise to ship on the 15th of the month, and it arrived on the 15th too!  Unfortunately, the fast shipping was the highlight of my April Topbox experience.  While the value of this month’s box wasn’t necessarily low, the samples themselves were exceptionally underwhelming, especially compared to the Ipsy box that arrived the day before.

Prevage Eye Serum

The first thing I found in my Topbox was a folded-up piece of cardboard containing a foil packet of “PREVAGE® Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum”.  I enjoyed typing that more than I enjoyed opening the 2-ml sample.  Apparently the full size product is 15ml and sells for $155, which makes this sample worth $20.  However, if the full size is only 15ml, one would expect to get more than one treatment out of this 2ml sample.  In that case, it should really be packaged in a resealable container.  I’m not convinced that I’m going to get my $20 worth from this sample.  (Also, does a twenty-nine-year-old girl really need $155 eye cream?  That’s why I like Ipsy– they at least take my age and beauty preferences into account when packing my monthly beauty bag…)

Pur-Lisse Cleanser

The next thing I pulled out was a little bottle of “pure-delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover”.  This cleanser has been in a few other beauty boxes (for example, the January 2013 Beauty Box 5) but I haven’t tried it.  It is supposed to be very gentle and seems popular with those who have reviewed it.  This is the only thing from the box that I’m looking forward to trying, and it’s worth $11.

LA Splash Nail Polish Discontinued Color

Next up was some LA Splash nail polish in a shade called “Curfew”.  I wasn’t able to find this shade on the current LA Splash website, so I’m not sure if it’s a new shade for spring (unlikely, given its deep blue shade) or a discontinued shade (more likely, but please feel free to prove me wrong!).

LA Splash Nail Polish Curfew

It’s snowing here today, so I wore one of my toasty warm winter sweaters.  Coincidentally, it is the exact same color as this polish.  The last polish I got from Topbox was also an old shade from the autumn of 2012; I would really like some seasonally-appropriate colors once in a while!  LA Splash polishes apparently retail for $7.50 but I have never actually seen them in stores in my own area.

BH Cosmetics California Eye Shadow

The last item in my April 2014 Topbox was this eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics, another company I have never heard of.  Apparently the “California Collection Palette” retails for $18.95, but when I searched the company website for “California” I didn’t get any results.  What I did find was that individual shadows are currently selling for ninety-eight cents each, making this trio worth $3 (if they are full size?).  While I might occasionally use the purple shadow as a liner, I’m not excited about the other two shades at all.

Overall, the “retail” value of my April Topbox is about $42.50 and I paid $12 for the box.  However, retail value is meaningless if the products aren’t going to get much use, and I have no interest in anything other than the cleanser.  I know that some people will be selected to receive a Murale box this month and it will be interesting to see how those boxes compare to the one I received.  On the plus side I received a great Ipsy box yesterday and am happy to try out my new Urban Decay, Starlooks and Dr. Brandt products!


5 responses to “Unboxing: Topbox April 2014

  1. Ipsy looked so much better this month. I’m switching over.

    Cait x.

  2. Each of the eyeshadows is from a different palette in the California Collection. The 3 palettes are called Hollywood, San Francisco and Malibu not the “California Collection Palette”.

    As someone with ipsy, I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of them as they sent out samples from their Galaxy palette in the fall.

    • lipglossandabackpack

      My Ipsy subscription began in February so I’m not familiar with the products they sent out last fall.

      Thanks for the info about the shadows. I assumed it was called the “California Collection Palette” because the card inside the box said “California Collection Palette”. Now that you’ve shared the correct product names with me I’ve been able to look them up on the BH Cosmetics website where I can see they are retailing for $8.95 rather than the price quoted by Topbox of $18.95. Good news, I suppose. And I can still get each individual shade for ninety-eight cents should I feel inclined…

  3. I got the same things as you except my nailpolish was pink. By far the worst product in this was the eyeshadow, the pigmentation is terrible. I still am happy with Topbox though, as now I will not be tricked into buying eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics =P Still haven’t hopped on the Ipsy bandwagon yet…one day… 🙂

    My review: http://naturallybeautifulreviews.blogspot.ca/2014/04/topbox-april-2014-unboxing-and-review.html

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