WPC: On Top of Hotel Unirea in Iasi

Hotel Unirea Iasi

This week’s photo challenge is all about being on top.  When I arrived in Romania my first stop was Iași, not too far from the border with Moldova.  I’d been sleeping in hostels for the past couple of weeks and decided to book into one of the city’s nicest hotels (if not the nicest hotel!), Hotel Unirea.  When I arrived late at night, rather unkempt after a long bus ride and suspicious border crossing (four travelers arrived at the Romanian border, two had diplomatic passports, only three of us made it across!) the hotel didn’t reject me as a slovenly backpacker.  Instead, the man checking me in asked, “Would you like to be moved to a top-floor room with views of the city?”  That night I went to bed with the twinkle of the city’s lights before me, and I awoke to views of the entire city that I would later explore.

Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria has a great section on Iași and its surroundings.


7 responses to “WPC: On Top of Hotel Unirea in Iasi

  1. CrazyGuyinThailand


  2. That was nice of him and great for you!


  3. what a beautiful view of the city!

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