Mealtime Monday: Soul-Saving Salads

Salad in Gdansk

I arrived in Gdansk a little bit under the weather.  I convinced myself it was just the common cold, but in fact it was probably bronchitis or something.  I felt okay, but I had a lingering hacking cough that wouldn’t quit.  The first thing I did after checking into the amazing Mamas & Papas hostel was return to the city center and look for something healthy to eat.  I wasn’t sure what a vegetarian in Poland would be able to eat, but  I soon found an Italian-esque restaurant that offered a number of vegetarian dishes, including this salad.  Leafy greens, chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts… surely if this doesn’t have all of the vitamins and minerals that I needed, nothing would.  Even better, the menu featured throat-soothing lemon-ginger-orange tea that made me feel better after just one sip.

I ate some other meals in Gdansk too!


3 responses to “Mealtime Monday: Soul-Saving Salads

  1. Mmm, this looks scrummy.

    As a fellow vegetarian I’m always intrigued to hear how successfully (or otherwise) people manage to track down appropriate foodie options while traveling!xo

    • lipglossandabackpack

      I found Eastern Europe to be very, very vegetarian-friendly! All the way from Albania to Estonia I ate really delicious food like fresh vegetables, legumes and (of course) delicious breads and cheeses! I’m going to Peru in July and I’ve heard it’s going to be a challenge…

  2. christinelaennec

    Yes, the challenges of travelling when one is vegetarian! That tea sounded just the thing.

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