WPC: Letters in Tartu Estonia

street in tartu estonia street in tartu estonia

Tartu Estonia is a rather bizarre university city.  In addition to having both an Angel’s Bridge and a Devil’s Bridge, Tartu is home to a statue of a man-sized baby (it makes me shudder just thinking about it) and some of the most unusual street signs I’ve ever seen.  Coming from a country (and a language) with little interest in accents I was most happy to find myself at the corner of Umlaut and Umlaut, or Küütri and Rüütli for those with a working knowledge of Estonian.  As someone with a love of learning languages I often wish my own were more fanciful.  Aläs.


4 responses to “WPC: Letters in Tartu Estonia

  1. That statue sounds creepy but I love the signs.


  2. Armed with a lipstick

    Hahahha 😀
    Being estonian myself, I had a good laugh!
    Rüütli means Knight´s street. Küütri doesn´t have meaning as far as I know.
    But now I just have to recommend you an estonian band called Jäääär (The edge of the ice)

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