Unboxing: Topbox May 2014

I seriously freaked out this afternoon.  I knew my Topbox was going to be delivered, so when I heard the postman outside I ran to greet him.  He kindly handed me all of my mail, which did not include my Topbox!  I madly flipped through all of the envelopes and found a “delivery notification” amongst them, telling me that I was unavailable at the time of delivery and that I’d have to pick up the package at the post office… with no check in the date and time boxes to tell me when it would be available!  By the time I’d realized my postman’s evil deception he was back in his van outside my building, so I ran after him with the delivery notification and threw myself in front of his van.  “Stop!  Stop!  Where is my package?”  The van screeched to a stop and the mailman jumped out.  “Are you crazy?  What are you doing?”

Okay, it didn’t happen exactly like that.  I didn’t throw myself in front of a moving vehicle, but I did run out behind him to ask if he could find my package in his van.  He agreed, and made up some lame excuse that I’m pretty sure indicated he was supposed to have delivered it to my door but was too lazy to carry it over and gave me the notification card instead.

I ordered the Canadian Fragrance Awards prive box, which promised a bunch of perfume samples.  I figured that my chances of getting this box were pretty good, as after selecting it as my preference I received a warning email along the lines of, “The samples are small.  Like, really small.  Are you actually sure you still want this box?  You can cancel your request if you don’t want these really, really small samples!”  I assumed that email would have scared off a lot of potential perfumistas and boosted my chances of trying out some new scents.

topbox may 2014 perfume

As you can see, the box contained nine small vials of perfume from brands like Anna Sui, Kenzo, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Reem Acra and YSL.  Each of these samples is about 1.5 ml, which is easily enough for three or four applications.  There is more than a month’s worth of perfume here, and I’m hoping to find new gems to add to my (already too-large) perfume collection.  I am really happy with these samples…

… though there were two definite losers in the box, which aren’t shown above.

topbox may 2014 cologne

First, this sample of English Laundry cologne for men just serves as a reminder that I’m perpetually single.   Maybe I can give it to my grandpa.

topbox may 2014 guess perfume 2

Second, the sample of Guess Girl Belle was also a major disappointment.  After receiving the warning email about the small vials in the Topbox May 2014, I was expecting small vials.  This foil sample is 0.4 ml, or about one-third the size of the others, and is single-use.  I did not expect to receive single-use perfume samples this month and I’m not impressed.

topbox may 2014 guess perfume 1

As you can see, this sample is really small.

I had to break out my dime a second time when I was unboxing my May 2014 Topbox.  I have pretty bad luck with the $10 Beauty Surprise that you can add to your box: one month I got a weird hand cream and the next month I got a triplicate mascara.  Once again I got a disastrous beauty surprise: an eyeshadow palette by Yaby Cosmetics.  Yaby markets itself as a cosmetics company for professional makeup artists, but I am suspicious.  Their products are only sold online… wouldn’t a professional makeup artist want to feel and sample products before buying them?  Yaby’s website talks about opportunities to “meet Yaby”, which I assume would be an opportunity for makeup artists to sample their goods, but the last event lists are from 2012.

yaby eyeshadow 1

The first hilarious thing when I opened the Yaby eyeshadow palette- called “Spring Party”- was that it cracked into four pieces.  It also broke my nail.  Inside, I found the four colors that I’m least likely to ever wear (clockwise from top right): Old Growth Forest, Rusty Belt Buckle, Sunburned Nipple, Nuclear Radiation and Pink Eye.  (Okay, I invented those color names…)  I taped the broken hinge of the palette and think that it should hold as long as it stays in my makeup drawer and never tries to hit the road in my lipgloss-stuffed backpack.

yaby eyeshadow 2

On the plus side each of the five shades is smaller than a dime, which means I will be able to use them up quickly!  I could probably incorporate the darker green shade into some kind of decent eye look, but the other four are really inappropriate for my coloring and are guaranteed to make me look ill.  As I was writing that I started hatching a plan… I could apply the eye makeup before going to work one day, and then nobody would question it when I called in sick the next day… hmmm…

I haven’t received my May Ipsy box yet (it sat at customs for almost ten days!) but I’m expecting it to be another winner.  If you’re looking for a great beauty box you might want to give Ipsy a try.

Are you a Topbox subscriber?  Share a link to your own unboxing below!


4 responses to “Unboxing: Topbox May 2014

  1. that eyeshadow palette does look a bit unfortunate…the purple and green are nice individually but I can’t see anyone wearing them all together, which defeats the point of having them together in a palette…

    ah you’re tempting me to try Ipsy more and more each month!

    • lipglossandabackpack

      Check out the reviews of this month’s Ipsy on /r/beautyboxes on Reddit… a lot of people aren’t very happy (there’s more skincare and haircare than makeup) but I’m still really looking forward to it! I’m expecting a moisturizing hair masque, a neutral eyeshadow duo, a microdermabrasion scrub, a honey face mask and an eco-friendly SPF 35 sunscreen… that’s ALL stuff I’ll actually enjoy using!

  2. I proudly present you with the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. You will find it at http://createthissimple.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/wonderful-team-member-readership-award/
    Congratulations and have a fantastic day. Risty

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