Top 10 Places I’d Never Heard Of Before

Rialto Bridge

Not that place!  I’ve heard of that place!

Are you tired of seeing the same Photoshopped HDR photos on every Top 10 travel list from “Top 10 Beaches in Europe” to “Top 20 Abandoned Places” to “Top 5 Places to Kiss” to “Top 10 Places to Visit While You Still Can”?  Me too!  Enough with the turquoise waters and cobblestone lanes!  I want to see something different!

This gave me the idea for a new kind of list:  The Top 10 Places I’d Never Heard of Before.  My mission is simple: use to find ten random places that I’ve never heard of before, and then share them with you.  If I can’t find a Creative Commons-licensed image then I’ll move on to my next destination (as obviously I don’t have a photo of a place I’ve never heard of before), and I’ll try to share at least one interesting fact about each of these unknown places (unknown to me, that is!).  Who knows, maybe I’ll find my next travel destination.  Or maybe you will!  Are you ready?  I’m ready.  Off to explore…

10.  Dossor, Kazakhstan


Image via Wikimedia Commons.

I couldn’t find out much about Dossor, but I did find a few websites where you can chat live with beautiful women from this town in eastern Kazakhstan.

9.  Morogoro, Tanzania


Image courtesy Stefano C. Manservisi

Morogoro’s bus station is very popular with Flickr photographers.  It has a nickname that translates in English to “city short of a port”.

8.  Minamisoma, Japan


Image courtesy Hajime Nakano

Minamisoma got pummeled by the tsunami that hit the Japanese coast in 2011.  It’s too close to the Fukushima nuclear power plant for comfort.

7.  Haapsalu, Estonia


Image courtesy Neoroma

Haapsalu looks freaking awesome; I can’t believe I didn’t visit when I was recently in Estonia. Its mud has healing powers!

6.  Port Hedland, Australia

port hedland

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Port Hedland is in Australia, and thus there are a lot of spiders.  It is also home to the highest-tonnage port in the country, which means that spiders are coming and going like you can’t even imagine.

5.  Bosaso, Somalia


Image via Warsame90

Bosaso is “relatively peaceful”.  Yay!

4.  Kodinsk, Russia


Image via Wikimedia Commons

And I’ve just fallen down a Siberian rabbit hole.  Photo after photo of monolithic apartment blocks and frozen metal pipes.  I’d been thinking about the Trans-Mongolian for 2015, but now I’m thinking I’ll just hop from one Siberian city to another.  Kodinsk’s crest shows a yellow bear pawing at a sideways wave.

3.  Junik, Albania


Image via Wikimedia Commons

More than fifty businesses are registered in this Albanian town.

2.  Cochabamba, Boliva


Image via Wikimedia Commons

With a name like Cochabamba, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Cochabamba before.  Cochabamba is located in the Cochabamba Valley, which falls inside the Cochabamba Department.  People from Cochabamba are known as Cochabambinos.

 1.  Tirunelveli, India


Image via SimplyCVR

In addition to being home to the famous Nellaiappar Temple, Tirunelveli is home to its own unique version of halwa.

That brings us to the end of the list.  Remember, what you call unknown places, someone else calls home.  And vice versa, of course!

Have you been to any of these places?  Why not make your own list of Top 10 Unknown Places and share the link in the comments?


4 responses to “Top 10 Places I’d Never Heard Of Before

  1. Really interesting places! I like it. Bye. Kamila

  2. Here from reddit, I think this is a good list. I’d hope that I had heard of at least one, but I hadn’t! It’s a fun way to share interesting places.

  3. I’ve been to Port Hedland, but I’m an Aussie so I guess it’s cheating ha. Check out our blog We are both about to embark on some long term travel and expect to fill the travel section as we come across new adventures!
    And to add to your list, Kraymorie just south of Burgas in Bulgaria is a tiny little village with the amazing Black Sea at it’s doorstep.

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