What Are Your Peru Itinerary Tips?

salt flats peru

This July I will be visiting Peru for three weeks.  So far I don’t have much on my Peru itinerary: I’ve booked my first night’s accommodation at a hostel in Lima, and then a few days later I have a two-night booking at the Hotel Paracas near Pisco.  After that my schedule is wide open until I fly out of Cuzco on the 23rd.

I’m open to pretty much anything, as long as it’s logical (I don’t want to fly across the country a bunch of times to do this or that).  Hiking the Inca Trail isn’t a huge attraction for me, but I was thinking of visiting Machu Picchu for a day (it seems criminal not to go, right?).  I’m also trying to decide if it’s worth going into the jungle for just a few days, or if I’d be better off returning in a year or two and visiting the Amazon and/or Pantanal properly.  I would also like to spend at least one day and night in a town or village that doesn’t see a lot of tourism, and of course, I’m always on the lookout for interesting local beauty treatments.

If you’ve been to Peru and have any suggestions about how I should design the ultimate Peru itinerary, please share below!  If you’ve blogged about your own trip, share that too!

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One response to “What Are Your Peru Itinerary Tips?

  1. I spent 6 weeks in Peru in 2011. The first 2 weeks I spent in the jungle, and I absolutely loved it. However, the bus ride was absolutely terrible, extremely dangerous, and I felt like we could have easily gotten robbed because it was so remote. I’d probably save that for another trip when you have more time, unless you have a tour in mind. Besides Cusco, I also visited Arequipa and Puno to go on a tour of Lake Titicaca. Arequipa is a beautiful city, very different from the rest of Peru. I didn’t get the chance to visit, but I hear Huacachina is well worth a visit too.

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