Unboxing : Ipsy June 2014


My June 2014 Ipsy bag arrived yesterday!  This time of year is absolute, total insanity in my life; on top of working full-time and studying full-time I seem to have at least two extra evening commitments every single day.  That’s why I didn’t get this post up yesterday and that’s why it was especially nice to receive a nice little treat in my mailbox.   Check out the beautiful Rebecca Minkoff-designed bag this month; the print is eye-catching and summery, and the fabric feels nice as well.


The product that I reached for first was this NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Eclair.  I was really happy to receive this cool-toned pinky-beige, as it’s an absolutely gorgeous neutral that looks fantastic with a slightly-smoky eye.  I wore it yesterday evening and again today, even having to fish it out from my purse in order to photograph it for this post.   This retails for $5.


Up next was a Realtree perfume sample.  I have never heard of Realtree before (though I’ve seen some other girls’ posts about them selling “cute” camouflage clothes?) but I’m opening to giving it a try.  Supposedly the perfume opens with a few sharp fruit notes, passes through some florals and settles into a mahogany and amber scent.  I read some online reviews saying that it was hard to work the spray pump, so I tried the tiniest little spritz and fortunately had no problems.  From that tiny spray I definitely felt the sharp and tangy fruit opening and also got a few floral notes, but I might need to spray a bit more in order to really feel the base notes.  There’s no quantity listed on this one, but if I estimate it at a very generous 5 ml then this sample is worth $1.


Next I found a Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare styling cream.  I have never tried Carole’s Daughter before, and that’s kind of why I love Ipsy.  A few months ago I got to try Pacifica products for the first time, and now it’s Carol’s Daughter.  Both are reputable, widely-available brands with strong followings and actual retail presence.   This leave-in styling cream has a delicious tropical scent, and it’s the perfect size to pack in my bag when I head to Peru.  This small sample is worth about $1 as well.


The fourth item in my bag is an Ofra “universal” brow pencil.  I don’t know how universal it actually is (especially for pale blondes), but as a dark brunette it looks like it will be a good color for me.  I’m addicted to my Anastacia brow pencil but excited to try a new brand.  This is full-sized (I believe) and sells for $13.


Last but not least is something I’ll probably set aside for Halloween.  I got a Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in blue.  This is a liquid liner with a very metallic finish.  It applied quite fluidly when I swatched the back of my hand… and it lasted long enough for me to feel uncomfortable about the shimmery blue stripe on the back of my hand.  Nicka K is not a brand that I’ve seen before but apparently this retails for $5.

The total value of my Ipsy June 2014 bag is about $25, and I paid $15 USD including shipping to Canada.  Once again I think it was a pretty good value- I love the NYX lip gloss already and the Carol’s Daughter styling cream smells so good that I’m going to want to eat my hair (I will probably order the full size… and then eat it with a spoon…).  The rest of the stuff I could take or leave, but that’s exactly the point of Ipsy– to try out new products without having to invest in the full size.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  More freebies from Ipsy this month!  You can collect Ipsy points by reviewing the products that you receive and by recommending Ipsy to friends.  I redeemed 1000 Ipsy points this month in exchange for four Baksshi sheet masks (last month I got a free Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in a vibrant coral shade).




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