Unboxing: Topbox June 2014

topbox june 2014

My June 2014 Topbox arrived yesterday!  The shipping was predictably strange again this month.  I received an emailed shipping notification on June 13th, which indicated that a shipping label had been prepared on the 11th.  It wasn’t until the 17th that Canada Post showed any indication they’d received the package, and then it arrived chez moi the next day.  The box was heavy this month, and a quick look above should suggest why!

The first thing I pulled out was a tiny Barefoot Venus lip balm in Knock Out Mint.  This is a fairly natural product, which is good, but I’m not a big fan of sticking my fingertips into lip balm containers… it seems a bit unhygienic to me.  This is worth $7.50.

Next was the main source of the tube’s weight this month- a full-size sample of Derma-E Age Defying Hand Cream.  I received a full-size tube of hand cream as my $10 beauty surprise a few months ago.  I haven’t even opened that one yet, but I might open this one first as the packaging hints that it might be less strongly-scented than the last one I received.  I received a different Derma-E product in an Ipsy box last month and haven’t tried it yet.  It seems like this company is really doing the beauty box rounds!  The full-size of this product sells for $9.50.

Up next is an interesting product- KMS California’s Hairstay Style Boost.  The instructions say to dispense the product into your hand and let it “crackle and expand”.  I assumed it would be like a normal mousse, but I was wrong.  This is like mousse on crack(le).  It comes out like a mousse but then crackles- loudly- right there in the palm of your hand.  This is like a primer for your hair, helping other products and your style last even longer, and this 71 ml sample is worth about $8.

The last product in my box this month was a Teeez nail polish in Jealously Jade.  Topbox recently sent me a dark, greenish-blue polish from another line that was a discontinued shade, so I was kind of disappointed to receive another blue-green shade this month.  On the plus side the Teeez polish this month is a bit more on-trend for summer.   Originating in the Netherlands, this polish retails for about $15.

Once again I preferred my June Ipsy bag to my Topbox June 2014.  With Ipsy I have the chance to submit feedback on three elements of each product I receive: the type of product, the brand, and the specific color or formula.  Ipsy takes my feedback into consideration and each month the bag gets closer and closer to “perfect”.  On the other hand Topbox sends out somewhat random surveys (often they won’t have any questions about any of the products from the selection I actually received) and doesn’t seem to use the collected data to better match customers with products.  Still, Topbox is only $10 and getting mail is fun.


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