Inspiring Travel Books: Through the Language Glass

through the language glass My interest in languages is well-documented.  A few weeks ago I wrote about one of my favorite books on the topic (Babel No More), and this week I wanted to highlight another: Through the Language Glass – Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages.  Written by Guy Deutscher, this is the perfect book for someone who has spent most of their life immersed in a monolingual culture.  While the casual reader might consider it to be a light read full of “fun facts” about the world of languages, anyone with a real interest in the interplay between language, thought and culture won’t be able to shake some of the ideas from this book, long after the last pages have been closed.


2 responses to “Inspiring Travel Books: Through the Language Glass

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog (On a Search), I’m really enjoying exploring yours too! I notice you’re on a bit of a language kick as far as books go. A great recommendation is Dreaming in Hindi, part travel journal part description of cognitive development of languages! Enjoy!

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