WPC : Texture on Lake Titicaca

lake titicaca texture

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is all about finding texture.  Here is a textural illusion from my recent trip to Peru.  What appears to be beverage containers tossed onto the grass is actually beverage containers tossed into Lake Titicaca, in an area near Puno where the algae has grown so thick that it looks, feels and acts like grass.  Fortunately the water was much cleaner, and bluer, once our boat sailed beyond Puno’s shores.

I’d love to check out all your textures too!  Leave a link in the comments!


One response to “WPC : Texture on Lake Titicaca

  1. Now that’s extra dimension to the challenge – much appreciated. [I spent a viscously-cold night once, high above Puno when the bus I was in parked by the roadside for the night] [ Here’s the link you asked for http://photographworks.me/2014/08/08/weekly-photo-challenge-texture/ ]

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