Mealtime Monday – Chifa


Before arriving in Peru I read that as a vegetarian my dining options might be limited.  I recall reading one blog that suggested I’d be limited to lettuce and french fries.  That didn’t sound terrible, but I was hoping that more options would present themselves, and they did once I left Lima.   In Lima, however, I did find it difficult to find enough really good vegetarian food to tide me over for my four-day stay.  One thing I quickly learned was that the local Peruvian-Chinese hybrid known as chifa usually had more than one or two vegetarian dishes to choose from.  This photo shows my first chifa meal: a ring of vegetable dishes, each in a different sauce, surrounding pineapple in sweet-and-sour (but mostly sweet!) sauce.  It was served with a bowl of rice and a pisco sour in Lima’s adorable Chinatown district.


One response to “Mealtime Monday – Chifa

  1. I am hungry now 🙂

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