WPC: Adventure at the Black Lake in Montenegro

durmitor national park montenegro black lake

How about a time I was hoping for adventure, but just got ho-hum?  In Kotor, Montenegro, my hotel hyped up their “hiking” trip to Durmitor National Park.  They neglected to mention that it was more a like a three-hour drive in each direction, with a one-hour flat walk around a little lake (“The Black Lake”) in the middle.  The fog was so heavy that we couldn’t see the supposedly-picturesque mountains in the distance, and we were our guide’s first tour group ever (he made the bus do a detour past his house so he could wave to his mother and show her that he was really a tour guide!).  I will admit, however, that it was actually rather nice to visit the park in freezing cold weather on a day where you couldn’t see more than a hundred meters into the distance, because it made the woods, which would have otherwise been pretty boring, seem just a little bit spooky… Maybe I was adventurous to walk through after all!


2 responses to “WPC: Adventure at the Black Lake in Montenegro

  1. First tour ever! That really made me laugh – I guess you have to start somewhere.

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