Unboxing: Topbox September 2014


Seeing as I brought you a full Ipsy unboxing two days ago, I thought I’d keep my Topbox September 2014 unboxing quick and dirty.  In summary, sometimes one big-ticket item makes an otherwise dull beauty box worthwhile.  Topbox rarely delivers a big-ticket item, so it was a pleasant surprise to find one in my tube this month.

Lancome’s Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream is a daily moisturizer designed to be used after a facial serum.  The full-size of this product is 50 ml and retails for $92, which makes this 15 ml sample worth $27.60.  As the entire box cost $12, I feel that I got my money’s worth this month.  And to be honest, it’s not just about the price, it’s about finally receiving the type of upscale, high-end, luxurious beauty products I was promised when I initially signed up for Topbox about two years ago.  Topbox no longer promises that the products in their tubes will be upscale, but they also haven’t openly explained to long-term subscribers why they’ve gone so downmarket in the last eight months or so.

The other three samples are what I consider to be in line with Topbox’s more downmarket offerings.  I’ve seen the Amika dry shampoo in some US beauty boxes this month, so the brand is either doing a big blitz or dumping old stock.  It is apparently sold at professional salons, but I’ve been salon-shopping lately and not seen the brand in any of the upscale places I’ve investigated.  Topbox quotes the value by volume (per milliliter), but the packaging is labeled by weight (in grams).

I also received a 15 ml tube of Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel, an anti-acne face wash.  In my next Empties post I will be reviewing the corresponding moisturizing cream, which I recently used up.  I don’t really have acne-prone skin but I might toss this in my gym bag or save it for period-related breakouts.  The value of this 15 ml sample is only $1.5, and it’s also worth noting that it contains the same volume of product as the Lancome cream (that shows what a little packaging magic can do!).

The last product is the biggest disappointment.  I received a bottle of Teeez nail polish in “Spa Retreat”, a metallic dark green.  Not only have I received a blue-green Teeez polish from Topbox before, but this is old stock from the brand’s 2012 City Trip collection.  Topbox used to promise to deliver new, exciting, on-trend beauty samples, which means two-year-old nail polish from a repeat brand is once again not in line with the service that I subscribed to way back when.

Although I’m happy about receiving a Lancome skincare product, I’m once again underwhelmed by my monthly Topbox.  I much prefer my Ipsy bag, which arrived more quickly, contained products that are new (to the market, and to me) and only cost a dollar or two more.  I only recommend subscribing to subscriptions I really love, so if you’ve been thinking about swapping your Topbox for Ipsy, or just signing up for your first beauty box (in Canada or the US), feel free to follow my link to Ipsy.



One response to “Unboxing: Topbox September 2014

  1. I haven’t tried Ipsy yet, but have been with Topbox for quite awhile. Too bad about the old nailpolish… my box was similar except I didn’t get bioderma, got a weird color corrector instead

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