WPC: Sailing in Paracas Peru

birds on a boat paracas peru

The prompt for this week’s photo challenge asks you to create cover art for the publication (real, potential or completely imaginary) of your choice.  Sometimes I think I could write a pretty decent travel memoir about all of the bumps along the roads I’ve traveled.  When I’m traveling things rarely go right for me the first time around.  Instead, it takes a few tries, and turns into a pretty good story, to get things right.  Here’s one of my favorite shots from a recent trip to Peru in which everything that could possibly have gone wrong did go wrong.  I spent a few days waiting in Paracas for the seas to open so I could go out and see the birds.  If I hadn’t been stuck, however, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to explore the small town and the nearby nature reserve, both of which turned out to be lovely.   If I do end up writing a memoir it will have to feature a cover photo of one of those serendipitous, “bad luck turned good” moments, like this one.


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