WPC: Achieving the Colca Canyon Challenge

colca canyon peru

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is achievement.  At the moment, I feel like my most significant achievement is being within a few months of completing my masters degree, which I have been doing while also working full-time.  However, nobody wants to see a photo of the APA Style Guide, so I went with this photo from Peru’s Colca Canyon.  I took my coursework on the road with me last summer and traveled around Peru for three weeks.  When I was in Arequipa I learned about the two-day treks through the nearby Colca Canyon, and thought it would be nice to get outside of the city.  The trek ended up being more challenging than I, or the other hikers, had expected, and while several girls in my tour group opted to take a donkey back to the top of of the canyon on Day Two, I braved the pitch-black trails at 5:00 am and walked all the way to the top.  I celebrated my achievement with a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies and two months of exercise-induced asthma.

What is your favorite travel achievement?  Share it in the comments!


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