Mealtime Monday: Colca Canyon Trekking Food

colca canyon soup

I promised my thousands of Instagram followers* that I would show what kind of food vegetarians could expect to eat during a two-day Colca Canyon trek.  On the first day, our early breakfast was scrambled eggs and fresh white bread with jam.  We then trekked for about four hours before stopping for lunch.  The vegetarian lunch option is shown above.  It was a simple broth-based vegetable soup, also served with fresh bread.  I believe that tea was free, but I opted for a bottle of Coke (best decision ever!).  After hiking for a few more hours we stopped for the night.  Dinner was pasta with a simple tomato sauce, and I think I had a beer or two as well (probably not the best decision ever!).  The following morning we trekked up the canyon on empty stomachs, then had a similar breakfast of eggs, bread and coffee in a village at the top.  Overall, the meals were pretty good as far as trekking food goes, and they did seem to provide the right hit of carbs to keep me energized without feeling weighed down.

* Possibly a slight exaggeration.


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