Top 10 Places I’d Never Heard Of (Part 2)

Once again I thought I’d play with’s geographic coordinate generator to find ten random spots around the world that I’d never heard of before.  The first time I did this I learned about everything from Cochabamba to Dossor, so let’s see what previously-unknown places might pique my interest (or not) this time around.

10.  Louisa, USA

louisa kentucky

Image via OzinOH

My gut is to call this Louisa, Kentucky, but when I identify other cities only by country (as opposed to state) then I feel I should do the same for the ol’ USA.  Louisa is connected to Fort Gay, West Virginia by a quarter-mile bridge.

9.  Boa Visa, Brazil

Boa Vista

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Boa Vista is a city in northern Peru.  It initially grew around the local mining industry; the statue above is in honor of the region’s mining tradition.

8.  Ha’il, Saudi Arabia

hail saudi arabia

Image via Samira

Ha’il has roundabouts with big statues of traditional objects like coffee pots and animal-skin canteens in the centers.

7.  Ile d’Yeu, France

ile dyeu

Image via Steluma

One of France’s greatest haiku writers used to live on this island.

6.  Arba Minch, Ethiopia

arba minch

 Image via Jim

This city’s name translates to “forty springs”.  The town’s residential district is also the gateway to Nechisar National Park, where you can see zebras, crocodiles and hartebeest.

5.  Tahoua, Niger

tahoua niger

Photo via Julian Pierre

Tahoua serves mainly as a market town for the farming communities nearby.

4.  Wenzhou, China

wenzhou china

Image via Bert van Dijk

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure that I haven’t heard of Wenzhou.  Maybe I have?  I mean, it is the hometown of people such as the creator of China’s flag and Sui He (the second Chinese model ever to walk the Victoria’s Secret catwalk!).

3. Salekhard, Russia

Salekhard Russia

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Salekhard is in Siberia.  Some of its suburbs stretch north into the Arctic Circle.

2.  Agios Efstratios, Greece

agios efstratios greece

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Two islands this time around!  Do you think is trying to tell me something?  This island is named after Saint Eustratius, who ran away from home at a young age in order to live off bread and water in a monastery.  Runaways sure have come a long way.

1.  Banswara, India

banswara india

Image via Ankur Dave

The metropolitan region of Banswara is home to 51,941 males and 49,236 females.  In case you were wondering.


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