Holiday Gifts for Vegetarians

I recently wrote a post featuring holiday gift ideas for beauty-obsessed travelers (like myself… hint, hint).  However, this morning I got yet another email from a distant family member asking what I wanted for Christmas, as apparently my original list wasn’t enough.  I thought I’d take a different spin this time around and share a vegetarian gift guide with some of the things that I think are most useful in a vegetarian kitchen.

A Magic Bullet Blender

magic bullet

Although I own two blenders and a food processor, when it comes time to grind or blend something I almost always turn to my Magic Bullet.  From grinding flax seeds to making fresh almond butter to preparing a morning smoothie, this device is kept front-and-center in my kitchen.

Glass Food Storage Containers

When I was younger I used to microwave not only in plastic, but even in styrofoam (maybe that’s why I only grew to be 5’4″…).  Now that I’m an adult I know better, and only use glass or ceramic dishes in the microwave.  A few years ago I invested in about a million Ziplock storage containers, so I tend to pack food in these plastic containers and then transfer to a proper plate when I get to a microwave.  If only someone would buy me a beautiful set of glass storage containers with snap-on lids, like these from SnapWare, I would have half the dishes to wash!

Fragrant Spices

spice market istanbul

I don’t miss that (supposedly) delicious meaty taste anymore, because all of my vegetarian dishes are seasoned beautifully.  Just today I made a vegetable tagine with cinnamon, cumin, coriander, turmeric, saffron, cardamon and black pepper (check my Instagram to see what’s happening in my kitchen).  A new vegetarian would love this McCormick Gourmet Spice Rack, which comes fully-loaded with twenty-four different herbs and spices (help mounting the wall rack would be appreciated, too!).  Someone looking to broaden their cooking horizons might prefer this Indian Spice Set or a Mexican Spice Set from the same company.  The advanced chef might prefer a single, hard-to-find flavour like vadouvan, shichimi togarashi or zaatar.

A Vegetarian Cookbook

istanbul 1

  • I’ve already mentioned how much I love Jamie’s Italy.  It’s not fully-vegetarian, but it’s got lots of great vegetarian dishes.
  • The Rebar Modern Food Cookbook is my most-used, most-stained, most-wet-then-dried-then-wetted-again-then-dried-again cookbook.  It’s taken a beating in my kitchen over the past ten years, but every recipe has been worth it.  This cookbook has a very small number of recipes (like, three or four?) that include fish, but at least half are vegan or have modification instructions for vegans.
  • For the vegetarian (or pescatarian) whose New Years resolution is to get healthy, the Eat Clean Vegetarian Cookbook is full of wonderful dishes made from whole, healthy foods.
  • Mark Bittman’s definitive How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is a must-have for vegetarians wanting to expand their culinary horizons and learn to cook intuitively.  He starts with a basic ingredient like cauliflower, and then describes a number of different ways to prepare it, from simple to complex.

Stocking Stuffers


Round out your gift-giving with small tokens of vegetarian appreciation.  Try a vegetarian ninja coffee mug, or a vegetarian princess travel mug.  See if you can squeeze a vegetarian t-shirt in there, too!  Hurraw makes raw vegan lip balm for dry, winter lips.  And of course, nobody was ever disappointed to find vegan chocolate truffles under the tree!

What do you want for Christmas?  Share in the comments!

Image Credits: Magic Bullet via Gwen, spices via Frank Kovalchek, stockings via Jim the Photographer.


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