Mealtime Monday – Mexi-Romanian Taco Night

Vegetarian Tacos at Casa Lavric Iasi

Because I spent some time living in Mexico, I often like to sample Mexican food when I’m in other countries.  I had a horrifying Mexican dining experience in Poland, and rather odd one here in Iasi, Romania at a restaurant called Casa Lavric (owned by the famous Romanian singer Laura Lavric).  I ordered the vegetarian tacos, which basically came with Romanian-style stewed vegetables atop plain flour tortillas.  On the side there were Romanian-style beans with a sprinkle of cheese.  Even though it’s been several years since this meal I will never forget when I ordered a margarita off of the menu, and the server asked me how to make one!  You can see the end result in the martini glass!

Some places get multicultural cuisine just right.  Ooloonthoo, on Roatan in Honduras, does the best Indian food outside of India.  Peru is famous for its chifa, or Chinese-Peruvian fusion.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found that special place outside of Mexico where Mexican food (especially Mexican vegetarian food!) is done right…


2 responses to “Mealtime Monday – Mexi-Romanian Taco Night

  1. Great post! Rumanian kitchen by the way does not get enough attention by itself! It is pretty great as well (I will definetely post some more: However, when you are looking for good and varied Mexican food outside of Mexico than you must – of course – go to Madrid… So much choice there

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