2015 Travelers’ Color of the Year

So I heard that Pantone had decided that marsala, a muted shade of crimson, would be 2015’s color of the year.  When I think about the year ahead and my planned travels, I don’t expect to be seeing a lot of marsala.  I decided to make an official list of the 2015 Travelers’ Color of the Year.  You might not see these on the Gucci runway, but I’m pretty sure you’ll encounter them at some point during your upcoming adventures!


Hostel Linens is that perfect shade of not-quite-white.  It’s the color of wanting to believe that the sheets on your bunk bed were washed after the last backpacker left, but of never quite being sure.


Rough Waters is the shade of the sea when you’ve saved up all ten of your vacation days for a beach holiday, only to find your resort being battered mercilessly by a totally unseasonal tropical storm.


No alcoholic beverage ever should actually come in It Helps Digestion!, yet no matter where your wanderlust takes you it is inevitable that some weird old guy in a bar will try to force you drink something this shade of chartreuse, promising that it will cure your stomach ailments and help that dinner of undercooked guinea pig make its way through your bowels in no time flat.


Shade #442, I Didn’t Pack Any Bandages, is the color that your now-drying blood turns after you’ve spent the last fifteen minutes digging through your pack looking for bandages, only to find a travel straightening iron and Hindi guidebook.  You’re in Prague.  This shade is not to be confused with #445, I Didn’t Pack Any Tampons.


Designed to evoke feelings of hard, cold cash, Please Officer is the shade of the US cash you need to keep stuffed in your bra for those times when your tourist visa ran out or you “forgot” to buy a metro ticket.


Inspired the color your cheeks turn when you slink back into your dorm bed at 6:30 am after getting hot and heavy with a German backpacker on the wooden table in the hostel’s kitchen, if you play your cards right and return before sunrise then it’s unlikely anyone will ever actually see you in Dorm Room Walk of Shame.


3 responses to “2015 Travelers’ Color of the Year

  1. Hahaha! This season, I will be mostly wearing “It helps digestion!” Your travelling colour palette really brightened up my Monday, thanks!

  2. LOL – this is such a clever post! Totally having a flashback to those hostel bed linens now.

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