WPC – Finding Warmth in Huacachina, Peru

huacachina dunes peru

I am sitting here in fuzzy PJs beside my (okay, natural gas) fireplace, drinking some green tea, and it’s snowy outside with temperatures expected to reach -20 quite shortly, and I’m really happy to see that this week’s photo challenge is all about warmth.

Last “summer” I went to Peru, and by summer I mean winter, because when it’s my summer break Peruvians are wandering around in down jackets and snow boots.  I was unprepared for these cold temperatures (much like in the Baltics in August, but at least that was the northern hemisphere!), so it was a pleasant change to move inland from damp, cold Lima to the sand dunes of Huacachina, Peru (near Ica), where cactii grow year-round and the sun warms the sand dunes enough for you to stick your toes in without worrying about catching hypothermia.  If you happen to be in Peru in July, and if you happen to be freezing too, then make sure to add an afternoon on the Huacachina dunes to your itinerary… because everyone deserves a little warmth!


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