Mealtime Monday – Fruit, With a Side of Waffle

street food waffle with fruit

A few years ago I was stricken with a rather horrifying cough while backpacking in Poland.  Once I’d coughed out both my lungs and shoved them back into my chest cavity I ventured out into town in search of a healthy treat.  “I know!  I’ll find a fruit salad,” I thought to myself.  “Surely I’ll be able to find a fruit salad!”  Unless you’re blind you know where this is going… after walking all over town and looking at every menu I could find, I determined that there was absolutely not one single restaurant in town that could dish me up a bowl of fruit (like I’d enjoyed so many times before).  The only place I could find an assortment of fruit was, sadly, atop this waffle, complete with my annual allowance of whipped cream.  It was difficult, but I managed to get it down!


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