Empties – December 2014


Out with the old, in with the new, right?  In 2015 I am once again resolving to clear out my guest room full of beauty products, but before I can do that I need to clear some space in my bathroom by using up the products that I have open.  Yup, it’s time for a December empties post!  Here’s what I used up in the last six weeks of 2014:

  • Let’s go back to front, left to right, shall we?  I finally used up my massive bottle of La Roche-Posay mineral water, which I was using in conjunction with Roc cleansing water to clean my face like a French girl.  This lasted forever and made me realize how wasteful it is to run the tap when I wash my face; I would definitely repurchase if I wasn’t obsessed with using up what I have.
  • I take a lot of showers.  The second item in the back row is Olay Simply Refresh Rainforest Flower shower gel; the first item in the next row is The Body Shop Moringa Body Wash.  Both were pretty, fresh floral scents that made my many showers more enjoyable.
  • I didn’t use up my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face sunblock before it expired, but I take sun care seriously and I’m tossing it.
  • I received a sample of Korres Citrus shower gel in my LookFantastic beauty box; I liked the formula but found the scent to be very masculine.
  • Goodbye, Live Clean refreshing daily toner!  You spent two and a half happy years on my bathroom counter… you will be missed!
  • In an Ipsy bag I received ten Skyn Iceland cleansing wipes.  I am lazy and love a good cleansing wipe (especially during travel).  I also love when a beauty bag actually considers my profile and sends me something tailored to my wants and needs!
  • I love when my skin feels powdery-soft.  Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting / Firming Serum (in the little purple jar) made my skin feel like it was a pile of feathers atop a baby’s bottom.  Sadly I don’t have enough wrinkles to know if it actually would have helped reduce lines, but when your skin feels like heaven, who cares?
  • I also received a sample of Pur-Lisse Delicate Gentle soy milk cleanser in a beauty box a few months ago.  This was a nice, non-irritating product that is comparable to the Simple cleanser I always have on hand (the latter is also much easier to find!).
  • I also finally used up my first bottle of Bio-Oil.  I’m not really convinced that this does what it claims (erases stretch marks, fades scars, etc.) but I do find that it’s nice to add a drop or two into my body lotion when the skin on my body is especially dry.  I received a second bottle in a beauty box (it’s been a long time since Topbox sent out a box like that!), so I will be using more of this in the future.
  • In my never-ending quest for perfectly dry, perfectly fragrant armpits I tried out Secret Natural Mineral Eucalyptus Blossom deodorant.  The smell was okay, it kept me fairly dry, but I think this formula is the culprit behind some of my white-stained black tanks… this stuff gets into the fabric along the armpit seam and won’t come out.  Also, don’t think that “natural” means aluminum-free; this still contains aluminum, they’ve just hidden that fact behind a peel-back label on the back of the bottle!
  • A free sample for checking in at my salon on Yelp: Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment.  I used this twice and my hair doesn’t feel any stronger, but it also doesn’t feel any weaker, which is a good thing!
  • Free Spirit Botanicals Gardener’s Hand Cream.  I basically put this natural, eco-friendly cream on any and every skin imperfection and always see an improvement.  Free Spirit Botanicals also makes my favorite salt scrub.
  • Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum in Oil.  Biotherm is not a brand I knew well before, but I have tried, and loved, two products from their Blue Therapy line recently.   I loved that this serum, suspended in a healthy oil, was hydrating enough not to need to be followed by moisturizer as part of my evening skincare routine.
  • A super-old tube of Life Brand moisturizer that I found packed in a box of junk that my parents were storing for me.  Life used to make a fantastic microdermabrasion-inspired exfoliator that went with this moisturizer, but it’s been discontinued for about a decade…
  • Benefit Bad Gal LashSo much Benefit Bad Gal Lash
  • I am tossing a sample vial of Alkemia’s De La Foret perfume oil because this one is just too woody for me.  However, it was fun to wear on a camping trip!  Forest perfume for forest activities!
  • I used up a sample of Bond No 9 I Love New York for Her perfume, which I absolutely adored.  It’s a gourmand scent (that means it’s sweet) but it was really tempered with a healthy dose of patchouli, sandalwood and even leather.
  • I also forced myself to use up the entire vial of See by Chloe perfume, which I found alternatively cloying and boring.
  • Unfortunately I learned that Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll mascara is not the right formula for my lashes.  It left them looking clumpy every time.
  • I used up two Missha Super Aqua skin care samples- one was the Ultra Water Full Clear Cream, and the other was the Marine Stem Cell Intensive Serum.  I’ve always been impressed by the Missha products I’ve tried, and these were no exception.
  • And last but not least I am throwing out the rest of my KMS Tame Frizz taming cream.  The packet on this one was huge and the product inside dried up before I was able to use it enough to know whether or not I liked it.

Overall, a lot of good products will be leaving my bathroom counter this month!  I hope that the products currently filling up my guest room are just as good as these… or better!  Please share in the comments if you have any beauty resolutions for 2015, whether it is to use up what you have on hand or buy lots of new things to experiment!


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