Mealtime Monday – Vegetarian Crispy Quinoa in Sarajevo

sarajevo vegetarian restaurant

I can’t say I was surprised to find, as I was writing this post, that the restaurant where I ate this dish has since closed.  This was the grilled vegetable and quinoa plate offered by Vegehana, a Sarajevo vegetarian restaurant.  It had a great location in the heart of the old town, but unfortunately only one person seemed to be working there, both preparing and serving the food.  In some cases that can work, but not in a restaurant with a huge menu and more than twenty hungry diners wanting to eat!  The best part of this meal was definitely the crispy topping on the quinoa, made from ground nuts, seeds and spices.  It’s a technique I’ve often incorporated into my own cooking since discovering it at Vegehana, and I’ve also seen it appear in a number of recent cookbooks (for example, the “crumbs” section in Tim Malzer’s new Green Box).  Sorry to see you go, Vegehana, but there are still lots of great options for vegetarians in Sarajevo!


One response to “Mealtime Monday – Vegetarian Crispy Quinoa in Sarajevo

  1. It’s always sad to see a place like this close down, although I wish some cooks wouldn’t overstretch themselves so much with large menus! What’s your recipe for the topping? Sounds delicious! (from purepabulum.wordpress)

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