Unboxing – Birchbox Canada January 2015


I received my Birchbox Canada for January 2015 a few days ago but didn’t have time for an unboxing until today.  This is the second month that Birchbox has offered their subscription service to Canadian subscribers, and apparently it is also the last month that they will be sending beauty boxes to subscribers in Canadian territories or at PO boxes.  That was short-lived, but since I have a street address I am safe.  So, what was inside the box this month?


I was most looking forward to these two products: Embryolisse (a French skincare product that hydrates, protects and repairs skin) and Folie de Joie perfume.  I was a little surprised by the small size of the Embryolisse sample so I’m saving it for a special occasion!  The Folie de Joie perfume is in a spray vial, which means I can’t see what it smells like without actually spritzing it.  So, oddly, the two things I’m most interested in are the two that I haven’t opened.  I think it’s worth noting that the Embryolisse samples went out to US subscribers as early as January 2013, and the Folie de Joie was sent to US subscribers back in April 2013.


I was excited to learn that I would be receiving a Model Co. lipstick, though the brownish-nude color (“Dusk Til Dawn”) isn’t a standout for me.  It does smell pretty nice though… I’m going to have to avoid licking my lips all the time if/when I’m wearing it!  This lipstick went out to US subscribers in August 2013 (as per the comments on this post).


Next up were a few different creamy samples.  I received two packages of the Beauty Protector Hair Mask, and a small tube of Tocca hand cream in Cleopatra (scented with grapefruit and cucumber).  This blogger received the hand cream in November 2013, while it looks like the hair masks are the most recent product (they went out to US subscribers back in July 2014).

Overall, it’s hard to believe that Birchbox Canada isn’t just cleaning off their warehouse shelves by sending Canadian subscribers samples that have been kicking around for the past two years.  If you visit Birchbox.ca you can shop 18 items from the Canadian box this month (but don’t be fooled… some of those eighteen are repeats of the same product in different sizes), while US subscribers can select from an assortment of 82 products they had the option of receiving.  Although Birchbox Canada claims to be providing a personalized box based on your beauty profile, it’s also hard to believe that in light of how few different boxes seem to have been posted online.  If anyone from Birchbox Canada is reading this I would love to hear from you in the comments with a little bit more information about how you perceive the Canadian experience to compare to the US experience!


4 responses to “Unboxing – Birchbox Canada January 2015

  1. I wasn’t aware that they were sending boxes to Canada now. How much are they?

  2. Classy On The Run

    Thanks for confirming my worry! The fact that there are so few products floating around the Canadian Beauty Blogs from this sub is a bit concerning. I don’t feel like my box is personalized. Also, thanks for sharing my link 🙂

    -Classy On The Run

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