Unboxing – Ipsy February 2015


I received my Ipsy February 2015 bag on Thursday, and by the time I decided to do my unboxing this morning (Saturday) I had to run all over my house looking for the different products, because I liked them so much I’d already started using them!  In other words, this month’s bag was a definite winner!  Everything came packed inside a front-zip pink and gray bag (the back is solid pink as you will see from my last photo), and there were a number of fragile items that had been carefully packed inside individual plastic bags to prevent leaking, spilling and breaking.  Smart move, Ipsy!


The first item that I pulled from my Ipsy February 2015 bag was this Model Co. blush in Peach Bellini, a soft, peachy-pink shade with just a touch of shimmer.  I can see why some people compare this blush with the famous Nars Orgasm shade, and because I could tell right away that this shade would be universally flattering, I wore it to work on Friday morning!  Model Co. blush retails for $22.


I also received a Mitchell and Peach face oil.  I hadn’t heard of Mitchell and Peach before, but I am a huge fan of facial oils.  I truly believe that there is a face oil for every skin type, and after reading the ingredients on this product I was comfortable applying it to my face right away.  I’ve worn it to bed two nights in a row, and both times I’ve felt that my skin was soft and healthy in the morning.  I was inspired to learn more about the company, and found that they are a family-owned company that makes bath, body and beauty products using ingredients grown on their own farm in the UK!  This sample is half the size of the full-size product, and when you factor in the exchange rate it’s worth about $23.


A third product that I am literally wearing right now is this China Glaze polish in Marry a Millionaire.  This is a clear polish with very dense purple, green, blue and silver glitter.  I did one coat of purple polish as a base, and one coat of this glitter on top, and the effect was fully opaque and brilliantly dazzling.  It’s also quite pretty; not so much Studio 54 as sunlight reflecting off dew-covered flowers in spring.  This shade is a few years old, so it can be found online for about $7.


I was really excited to receive my second perfume sample in my Ipsy February 2015 bag.  I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year, and I’m a huge perfume fanatic, so I’ve always felt a little sad when I’ve seen other people receive scents that I haven’t.  Based on the description on Ipsy, Joya Composition No. 1 perfume oil has a fresh fruity opening, middle notes based on white florals, and then a sandalwood-musk finish.  I haven’t applied this fragrance yet, but sniffing the little rollerball suggests a very soapy opening, which would appeal to people who like clean scents (such as Aire Loewe or Prada Infusion d’Iris).  This sample is worth $15.


The last product, and the one that I hadn’t touched until this unboxing, was an eyeshadow single in the shade Headhunter, by a company called Medusa’s Makeup.  I’m not familiar with this brand and this particular product is made in China.  I highly prefer matte shadows over shimmery ones, and I’m worried that the eggplant shade will make someone with my coloring look like they’ve got a black eye.  If I do end up wearing this eyeshadow I will probably use it as a liner, by dipping a cotton swab (or liner brush, if I can find one!) into water and applying it damp.  This shadow retails for $8.


I also received a bonus item in my Ipsy February 2015 beauty bag!  I know that some subscribers received this Ayres Patagonia Body Butter in their bags a few months ago, so when I saw that I could redeem some Ipsy points for my own little tub I had to click “redeem”!  This body butter has an earthy, organic scent that really brings to mind an upscale spa.  It probably wouldn’t layer well with many perfumes, but it’s a great texture and the scent is indulgent when worn alone.  Subscribers can earn Ipsy points by reviewing products and sharing their bags on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (sadly, you don’t get points for writing unboxing blog posts!).

Overall, this was a fantastic month for my Ipsy bag.  Unlike the lackluster Birchbox Canada (my February Birchbox hasn’t even arrived yet!), Ipsy sent me a beauty bag that I feel is highly personalized and that has already been put to good use.  The value is outstanding as well; I paid $15 USD for the bag, and (excluding the bonus item) it was valued at $75!  I know the exchange rate isn’t great for Canadians, but when you are getting high-quality products that you will actually use, Ipsy is a real bargain.  You can subscribe or find out more about Ipsy here.


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