Unboxing – Birchbox Canada March 2015


This is another late unboxing, but I have a good excuse: I found the Birchbox Canada March 2015 box so boring that after I immediately unsubscribed, I forgot about the box entirely.  I had to dig around my house to find it in order to write this unboxing post.  Birchbox Canada costs $15 CAD (billed in Canadian dollars so no exchange rate fluctuations) and is shipped via UPS.  They will not ship to the territories or to PO boxes.

The first thing in the Birchbox Canada March 2015 box was a BeautyBlender and solid cleanser.  These little sponges are quite popular (and valued at $25), but I wear so little makeup on my complexion that I would never get any use out of these.  I gave them to my sister.  This product went out to all subscribers in March, and they are continuing to promote that all new subscribers will receive it in April.  So much for personalization!

The next product I received was a Mirenesse Mattifinity Lip Rouge in New York.  This is a no-name brand riding the current liquid lipstick wave, and the shade was an unflattering orange-based red.  I have exceptionally cool coloring and can’t imagine how this was “personalized” based on my response to Birchbox Canada’s questionnaires.  It looks like US subscribers received a different shade last year that would have been a much better fit for me.  This sample is valued at $7.

I was only subscribed to Birchbox Canada for four months, but in that time I received two unappealing Harvey Prince products.  This month I received a sample of the Harvey Prince Ageless perfume, which claims to make the wearer smell eight to twelve years younger.  This is a cheap-smelling, brash, sweet citrus scent, nothing like what I’d usually wear (for example, I have a decant of Chanel’s Cuir de Russie on the way!).  This is worth $1.

On to the one thing I’ll use!  This Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair moisturizer contains retinol, which might actually help me give off a younger vibe (unlike the aforementioned perfume!).  I’ve often gone to the Paula’s Choice website, loaded up my shopping cart and hesitated to hit “purchase”, because I’ve never had an opportunity to “try before I buy”.  I hope this product works for me and I can become a long-term customer in the future.  This sample is worth $10.

And last but not least, a surprising addition to my March 2015 Birchbox Canada.  Last month this exact No 4 Hydrating Shampoo sample showed up on the Birchbox website as a product that I would receive in February, but while the box was in transit to my house they changed my preview to show yet another black eyeliner.  I’m disappointed that they didn’t send the conditioner as well, because I feel it’s only fair to assess half of a product line in conjunction with its intended other half.  This is worth $3.

The total value of the box this month was about $43, but there is only one product I will use (the ten-dollar moisturizer).  This month offered little personalization, as I can see other bloggers received the same box here and here, and when I do see examples of different March boxes they usually contain products that I have already received from Birchbox in earlier months.  I have now unsubscribed and will stick to just getting Ipsy… I am already excited about the blush I will be receiving from Ipsy this month!


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