Unboxing – Ipsy April 2015


Another day, another unboxing!  I will try to bring in a wider variety of posts in the upcoming days.  I had been waiting (for months!) to hear about a summer travel opportunity through my employer, and this morning I learned that it fell through.  That means I will be spending the next 74 days (which is only 52 weekdays!) scrambling to pull together some kind of seven-week summer vacation.  I’ll keep you in the loop (and I’ll keep setting aside all the little sample products I receive!).

This month my Ipsy bag arrived in a very timely manner, which confirms my suspicion that when it arrives late, it’s probably because I’ve redeemed some points for a bonus item.  As you can see from the photo above, the bag is a cute, woven texture (on both sides!), and you can’t tell from the picture that it’s a big larger than the other bags I’ve received, which makes it a nice addition to my collection.


The item I was most excited about receiving this month was this Hikari blush, in Tango.  This looks like a bright, bubble-gum pink shade in the full-size compact.  I’m hoping it strays true to its pink tone (because I’ve got enough peachy-pink Orgasm blushes, and dupes, to last a lifetime).  This sells for $15.


I’m also happy to give this Theorie Argan Oil Hair Serum a try.  I’m surprised by the bottle opening (it’s a tiny hole in the inner plastic cap, like you tend to find on essential oil bottles) but have high hopes for the product inside.  This is a fantastic size to throw in my travel kit over the summer, as a little bit of hair oil goes a long way.  It’s worth about $4.


I’ve got a lot of shimmery nude lipgloss (hence the blog name!), so this Starlooks gloss in Cuddle isn’t going to go into heavy rotation any time soon.  I don’t think of Starlooks as being the kind of high-quality brand that I tend to gravitate towards, and suspect that the stated value of this sample ($4) is a bit high.


Along with shimmery nude lipgloss, I’ve also amassed quite the collection of shimmery nude shadows.  I’ve received a few other ones from Ipsy in the past, and most of them sit unopened in my makeup storage room guest room.  I can see the novelty of rubbing your shadow brush over an (implied) naked man’s torso appealing perhaps to a twelve-year-old (or an eighty-year-old?), but this sample of theBalm’s Nude Dude eyeshadow in Fit just feel a bit done.  This sample is worth about $3.


The fifth product in my Ipsy April 2015 bag was this Mullein and Sparrow Mini Lip and Cheek Tint.  This is an interesting product in that it’s all-natural and clearly doesn’t contain any preservatives.  The brand has also added an essential oil with a strong, herby smell that might appeal to earthy types.  This is a full-size sample and retails for $10, though I’m not sure where.

All in all, my Ipsy bag this month cost $15 USD and had a value of about $36 USD.  Shipping to Canada is included in that price, though with the exchange rate the actual amount that appears on my credit card can vary from month to month.  While I wasn’t blown away by the products I received this month (except the blush, perhaps) I also wasn’t disappointed, and am looking forward to continuing my subscription.  If you’re interested in signing up you can get all the details here (remember that if it says there’s a waitlist you can almost always skip it by doing a social media post or two).


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