Mealtime Monday – My Perfect Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza in Gdansk Poland

As a vegetarian, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect dish on a restaurant menu.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was in Skopje I asked a restaurant if they could prepare a vegetarian meal for me.  The server said, “I can make a plate of mushrooms.”  I said, “Well, I see you have a few vegetarian side dishes on the menu.  Could you choose two or three and put them on a plate for me?”  He agreed.  I was served a plate of mushrooms.

When I went to a pizzeria in Gdansk, Poland, that promised to serve authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, I was happy that they had lots of pizzas with vegetables, but sad that none contained the exact mix of vegetables that I wanted.  So, I sheepishly asked the server if I could take this vegetable from Pizza A, this vegetable from Pizza B, and add them both to the other vegetables from Pizza C while also removing Pizza C’s meaty ingredients.  Unlike in Skopje, the server agreed without hesitation, and as you can see, I received a perfect vegetarian pizza.  If you’re heading to Gdansk and want classic Italian pizza, don’t hesitate to stop at Sempre Pizza e Vino.


One response to “Mealtime Monday – My Perfect Pizza

  1. As a vegan, I have the same problem. Here in Turkey, it’s quite easy to get them to remove ingredients or add as you please but only if you can communicate 🙂

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