Upgrade Your Toothpaste with Marvis

Marvis Toothpaste

Considering how much money (and effort!) I spend on everything from touching up my roots to painting perfect toenails, it’s kind of weird that I’ve never paid much attention to my toothpaste.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when Nail Polish Canada let me know they were now selling Marvis toothpaste to their Canadian customers.  Could this be the perfect opportunity to find a toothpaste as glamourous as my skincare and makeup collection?

I decided to sample two different flavours of Marvis toothpaste.  The first was Aquatic Mint.  Seeing as I love both aquatic perfumes and actually spending time in the water, this was an obvious choice.  The toothpaste itself turned out to have a slightly-sweet flavor that helped mellow out the mint undertones.  It was cool and refreshing, but also quite subtle, and I would recommend it for anyone who is turned off by too-strong toothpaste.  The second flavour I tried was Classic Strong Mint.  It had a much stronger mint flavor to it, and I liked that it was distinctly pepperminty, rather than tasting like spearmint.  While I think Aquatic Mint would be the perfect everyday toothpaste, Classic Strong Mint is the one you want to keep in your desk drawer in case you get called into an important meeting right after lunch.

Both flavours of Marvis toothpaste had a nice texture that was less foamy than most other toothpaste that I’ve tried, probably because it has less sodium laureth sulphate than some other brands.  As well, both flavors were packaged in chic silver tubes that made me want to clean my bathroom (you can’t put such a pretty tube on a cluttered counter!). The full range of flavours (including Jasmine Mint, a celeb favorite) is available for $10.50 CAD from Nail Polish Canada, and I think they’re a great buy for anyone who wants to add a little touch of luxury to their morning routine.

Thank you to Nail Polish Canada for providing the Marvis toothpaste. 


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