Empties – May 2015


I had quite the collection of used-up beauty products lurking in my bathroom, seeing as I haven’t done an empties post since the end of January!  As I was cleaning the rest of my house today I found a few more items, but this makes up the bulk of what I’ve used up this season!  Back to front (as best I can) and left to right.

  • My round brush died!  The brush fell off its handle.  I replaced it with a ten-dollar brush from the drugstore and suddenly realized why salon brushes are awesome.  My new brush has a smooth handle that slips right out of my serum-y hands when I’m trying to blow out my hair.  Next time I go to the salon I’ll get a better brush.
  • L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.  I stockpiled this when it was on sale for more than 50% off.  I don’t have strong feelings about hairspray but do find this holds things in place when need be.
  • I don’t use mouthwash very often (toothpaste is all I need) but figured that if I was going to use it every now and then it would be nice to choose one with whitening properties.  I haven’t noticed any changes to the color of my teeth with occasional use of Crest 3D White mouthwash.
  • A bottle of Olay body wash that must have been almost ten years old.  I figured it was safe to use since I’d never opened it before, and I seem to have survived the experience.
  • A bottle of body wash from The Body Shop.  I think it was cocoa scented?  I like stocking up on their body washes when they have great online sales.
  • An Etude House sheet mask in Bulgarian Rose.  It smelled nice but didn’t do anything special for my skin.
  • I love swapping out my regular antiperspirant for a natural deodorant on the weekend, sweat stains be damned.  I loved this Alba Clear Enzyme deodorant in a lavender scent, but I haven’t seen it on the shelves in a year or two.
  • And another Secret anti-perspirant.  This one had a vanilla scent that I found a bit cloying.
  • There are two little sachets of Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier products back there: one is body wash, the other body lotion.  I loved the texture of both these products but hated the rotten fig scent.
  • My first Birchbox Canada contained the Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator.  I liked this exfoliating face scrub and would consider repurchasing it, but not from Birchbox (as they charge ridiculous processing fees to Canadian customers)
  • There is also a travel-sized tube of St. Ives Exfoliating Apricot Scrub.  I know that the ground apricot shells can be damaging to skin, but I still love these little tubes for travel and bring one with me on every trip.
  • I’ve mentioned my Etude House Milk Talk body wash samples in a previous empties post.  Yummy strawberry smell.
  • I’m not sure where I got that random Olay lotion sample, but I do know I’ve never used it and it’s been kicking around forever, so I’m throwing it away.
  • The next row starts with a L’Oreal polish in Trust Fund Baby.  I liked this color but the lid broke and the polish dried out.
  • The Origins Ginzing moisturizer sample seemed like a normal moisturizer to me.
  • I received a sample of a Clarins eye makeup remover from Hudson’s Bay, but didn’t like it as much as my Roc micellar water for eye makeup removal.
  • I also had a sample of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair from the same Hudson’s Bay event.  I don’t have any serious skin concerns and thus didn’t see any noticeable improvement when I used this serum.
  • The cute little lip-shaped container is a lip scrub by Tony Moly.  I’m pretty sure it had apricot shells in it, because it was similar in texture to my St. Ives facial scrub.  This dried out in the tub before I got the chance to use it up.
  • The big round tub is the Honeymania body scrub from The Body Shop.  I have used their body scrubs before, but this one had a different, creamier texture than most.  It seemed to hydrate better than it exfoliated.
  • In the front row there is an EOS lip balm that I received as part of a gift.  It wasn’t wrapped, though, so I’m tossing it.  When you’re gifting someone beauty product please make sure they’re in their original, sealed packaging!
  • I decided to toss my Live Clean night cream because there was very little product left, and it was getting old.
  • I used up a sample vial of Shalimar Ode de Vanille Sur la Route de Mexique from My Perfume Samples.
  • And a final good-bye to a B. Kamins lip balm tube that I must have received at least two years ago in a beauty box.  Again, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a fave.

One response to “Empties – May 2015

  1. Fun empties! Too bad you had to chuck the EOS, they are so fun!

    Just followed you on instagram. Hope you can check out my blog, I have an empties post up right now too.

    Raincouver Beauty

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