Quick Updates for August 2015

I have just returned from my summer holidays and wanted to touch base quickly!

First, while I was away I received a lot of great information about feminine hygiene around the world.  I made almost twenty updates to the directory of pads and tampons around the world today!  Please check it out if you’ll be traveling soon or if you have information about the availability of pads and tampons in a country that hasn’t been mentioned.

As well, I made a small gallery of photos from my trip, which is available on imgur.  It features twenty (out of more than 3000!) photos that I took as I crossed Russia this summer, and it’s a great preview of some posts that I have planned that will help you prepare for your own trip across Russia by train!

I recently wrapped up graduate school and have committed to myself to take it easy for the next little while.  I hope this means that I will have lots of time to keep this blog fresh, excited and current, with all the best information about how to backpack, beautifully.  Keep checking back for new posts, or subscribe (the link is to the right) to receive updates by email.


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